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Posted on: November 21, 2017 by in Septic Tank Repair
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It is often best to get in touch with Grayson GA septic system drainfield repair company right before you have a serious emergency situation on your hands. If you hesitate too long, you can be exposing your household to unsafe pathogens or causing damage to your property. Nevertheless, recognizing the subtle symptoms a system emanates before it malfunctions in a huge way isn’t always simple. Here are a few good examples of times it’s best to call out Grayson GA septic system drainfield repair company to make sure your unit is working properly.

You Unexpectedly Have Lush Vegetation Above the Leach Field

The grass isn’t always greener on the other side of the fence, but it will be above your leach field. This local area gets tons of water and an abundance of nutrients, so the grass there should be more than happy. However, if you notice that you have a very lush patch over a particular area, it usually means that something has gone awry with the lines below.

There is Remaining Water or Muddy Conditions Over the Leach Field

Standing water is easier to detect, and you may well see this issue after a heavy rainfall if you don’t cut down your water consumption. The rest of the time, it’s cause for worry and should be checked out by a technician.

A Filthy Odor Develops

If you begin to detect a foul odor outside near your leach field or tank, something’s failing. Bear in mind, this is different than noticing an odor indoors. If you start to detect the rotten egg odor by a drain inside, it’s possibly because it’s missing a seal. All drains have a “U” shape, so they naturally collect water to stop gasses from escaping. If this is the case, filling the drain will stop the odor. Gaskets on toilets can also wear or the screws may become loose over time. This, too, is usually a simple fix. If the odor is outside, though, it’s most ideal to consult a pro.

Drains Begin to Gurgle or Act Sluggish

If you’ve spotted that it takes more than just one flush to drain the toilet or that the drains in the house are emptying slowly, it typically means that there’s something stopping the effluent from going out of the tank. This might be because the leach field is obstructed, the tank must be pumped, or because the main line to the reservoir is obstructed.

Sewage Backs Up Into your home

If you miss the warning period where the drains are sluggish, the whole system will likely stop working. Worse yet, when you try to add wastewater to the tank, it will push its way back up through the lines in your property. A lot of the time, it winds up coming up through bathtub and shower drains. This is an absolute septic emergency, and you should get in touch with an expert in right away.

Call Us for Your Grayson GA Septic System Drainfield Repair Needs

If you have a malfunctioning leach field, time is of the essence. Our partners provide same day service and will dispatch professional techs quickly, so they can determine and take care of the problem quickly. Give us a call at (678) 212-5257 to speak with someone immediately.

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